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This is a complete guide on how to invest with money market funds in Kenya so as to achieve financial freedom.

Learn the top 4 factors used by top experts to choose the money market fund to invest with in Kenya. Then get an exclusive curated list of the best money market funds in Kenya based on those factors.

For beginners, find easy explanations of the terms related to money market funds in Kenya. You will be a pro in no time! Finally, there is a free Money Market Funds Kenya Bot that calculates how much you’ll make from your investment and a number of other cool things that I will reveal later!

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Money market funds are a popular way to invest in Kenya both for short term and long-term investment goals.

If you have been wondering on how to grow your wealth in Kenya, money market mutual funds are a great place to start. You can manage personal finances by setting them up as emergency funds.

They can also be used for retirement planning by instructing the fund manager via the online investment platforms in Kenya to pay monthly interest to your bank account number.

For example, someone wondering which business to start with 1 million in Kenya or the best business to start with 100k in Kenya, can use money market funds as part of their personal financial plan to accumulate the cash needed.

This article aims to make money market funds, also known as MMFs in Kenya, easier to understand.

Lets start with a list of common terms related to money market funds in Kenya.

I will build up slowly before explaining what money market funds are in Kenya. I have set it up so that each term shared below helps to explain the next one! When you are done with the section below, you will be able to explain to a child how money market funds work in Kenya.

Let’s get to it.

What is pooling of funds?

Pooling of funds is when two or more people contribute funds for investing as a group. The pooling of funds is usually done by a money manager in the Kenyan market.

What are Collective Investment Schemes in Kenya?

Collective Investment Schemes, also known as CISs in Kenya, are entities where a professional money manager, invests pooled funds in various investment options in the Kenyan market. The role of the fund manager is to manage the pooled funds on behalf of the investors of the scheme so as to achieve the set objectives. There are 3 types of Collective Investment Schemes in Kenya:

  • Unit Trusts Kenya
  • Mutual Funds Kenya
  • Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Only unit trust funds in Kenya are relevant to this article.

What are Unit Trusts in Kenya?

A unit trust in Kenya, is a type of Collective Investment Scheme that invests pooled funds in money market instruments and equities. Unit trusts Kenya types include:

  • Money Market Funds
  • Balanced Funds
  • Equity Funds
  • Wealth Funds

If you are wondering how to invest in Kenya while ensuring preservation of capital, then Money Markets Funds are an ideal investment option.

Equity Funds and Balanced Funds offer higher returns but one can lose the principal invested.

What are Money Market Instruments in Kenya?

Money market instruments, involve one party (the unit trust) giving money (Principal) to another entity in exchange for periodic cash flows (Interest). On maturity, the unit trust receives the Principal invested. Examples of money market instruments in Kenya include:

  • Treasury Bills
  • Treasury Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Commercial Papers
  • Fixed Deposit accounts
  • Bank deposits and near cash holdings
  • Other high-quality interest-bearing investments

What are Equities?

Equities or stocks or ‘shares’ represent a share in the ownership of a business. Stocks in Kenya can either be unquoted or quoted such as those listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). You can invest in quoted/listed shares in the NSE through the online trading platform of brokers such as AIB Capital. Here is a link to open an NSE account online. No paperwork needed!

What are Balanced Funds?

Unit trusts in Kenya that try to ‘balance’ between money market instruments with longer maturities (more than 1 year) and equities are called Balanced Funds. Some Unit Trust Kenya Funds will call them Bond Funds or Fixed Income Funds.

What are Equity Funds?

Unit trusts in Kenya that invest a higher proportion of their pooled funds in equities (primarily on the Nairobi Securities Exchange) are known as Equity Funds.

Hope you are starting to feel like a pro now! With that understanding…

Let’s now understand what brought you here.

What are Money Market Funds in Kenya?

MMF meaning Money Market Fund, is an example of a unit trust in Kenya. Money market funds in Kenya are low risk unit trusts that invest pooled funds in short term investments through a fund manager licensed by the Capital Market Authority (CMA). They are sometimes called Shilling Funds whereas their owners are called unitholders.

Money market funds are ideal for managing excess cash or short term investment goals. They offer higher returns than saving accounts while having the liquidity of a current account. There are no penalties for withdrawing the principal and you get to keep the interest earned.

Money Market Funds are an example of an online investment with daily interest in Kenya. This is because money market funds such as Sanlam MMF and CIC MMF will calculate your interest daily and compound it monthly. Interest earned from MMFs in Kenya is charged 15% withholding tax (WHT). This is a preferential rate compared to the tax charged for example on employment income (30%).

Excellent! Now you know what money market funds are and how they work in Kenya.

How can I join money market fund in Kenya?

The documents required to open a money market fund in Kenya are:

  • Passport photo
  • Copy of Kenyan National ID or Passport
  • Copy of KRA PIN Certificate
  • Copy of Kenyan Bank details
  • Completed money market fund application form

What are the Best Money Market Funds in Kenya?

Here is a summary of the best money market fund in Kenya for each category:

CategoryFund ManagerSupporting Data
Largest by Market ShareCIC Money Market Fund40.5% of the Kenyan Market
Highest YieldCytonn Money Market Fund10.6% annual yield
Lowest Management FeeSanlam Money Market Fund1.2% per annum fee
Lowest Deposit requirementZimele Money Market FundKES 100
Tabular summary of the Best Money Market Funds Kenya

Here are my top money market funds in Kenya 2022 and beyond and how to join them.

  1. Here is step by step guidance on how to join Sanlam Money Market Fund
  2. Here is step by step guidance on how to join CIC Money Market Fund
MMF accounts opened this year via the links above

Next, you will learn how to grow your wealth using money markets in Kenya!

Exciting stuff!

Zoom the image below if viewing on mobile.

How to become rich with Money Market Funds in Kenya

Compounding with Money Market Funds Kenya

Below is step by step guidance on how to become rich using MMFs in Kenya.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Open a money market fund account

KYC documents

Choose the best money market fund for your needs and then follow the necessary steps to have it created.

Leverage on the power of compound interest


Through the power of compound interest, you can use money market funds as a set it and forget it investment that will make your rich over time.

See image above showing an example of how various amounts invested in a money market fund in Kenya would grow over time.

Use the Money Market Fund Kenya Calculator Bot

Money Market Fund Kenya Calculator Bot

The free MMF Kenya Bot below will automatically show how your wealth will compound based on the inputs you give it!

Obtain your free wealth compounding report


When you open a new MMF account, use my signed forms and make sure it is mapped under one of my financial advisor codes:

Sanlam code is 04102. CIC code is 02581.

This will give your access to this form that you can use to generate a free custom PDF wealth compounding report.

Set up a standing order

append signature

This will ensure you never forget to deposit money each month. That means your funds will get to compound without any interruptions. Hence, reaching your wealth goals faster!

Estimated Cost: 2500 KES


  • Money Market Fund application forms


  • PDF Editor

Materials: Compounding

Awesomeness! (Hope that’s a word)

Now, let’s understand more on what compounding is and why, Einstein said this:

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.

Albert Einstein

Get some popcorns and a nice quiet place.

Video lesson coming up…

Compound interest investments Kenya

Money Market Funds are one of the ways to earn compound interest in Kenya.

This is because most money market funds in Kenya will automatically compound your interest every month.

Here is detailed video on how to become rich in Kenya using the power of compound interest

Sit back and watch till the end!

The video lesson above will help you understand how to grow your money not only with MMFs but also with other investments that compound in Kenya.

List of all Money Market Funds in Kenya

Below is a list of all the money market funds in Kenya in 2022:

  1. CIC Money Market Fund
  2. Sanlam Money Market Fund (Pesa+)
  3. Zimele Money Market Fund
  4. Genghis Capital Money Market Fund
  5. Co-op Money Market Fund
  6. Britam Money Market Fund
  7. ICEA Money Market Fund
  8. Equity Bank Money Market Fund
  9. UAP Old Mutual Money Market Fund
  10. Nabo Africa Money Market Fund
  11. NCBA Money Market Fund
  12. Alphafrica Kasha Money Market Fund
  13. Madison Money Market Fund
  14. Dry Associates Money Market Fund
  15. Apollo Money Market Fund
  16. ABSA Money Market Fund
  17. Dyer and Blair Money Market Fund
  18. African Alliance Kenya Shilling Fund
  19. Diaspora Money Market Fund
  20. Adam Money Market Fund
  21. Cytonn Money Market Fund
  22. Amana Money Market Fund

Next, let’s uncover the gems in the long list above and identify the best money market funds in Kenya 2022 and beyond.

Factors for choosing the best money market fund in Kenya

Here is a summary of the factors to consider to get to the best money market funds in Kenya:

  • Assets Under Management (AUM)
  • Financial Strength
  • Customer service
  • Money market fund interest rate

Assets Under Management (AUM)

This shows the share of the total invested funds in the money market Kenya arena that are managed by a particular fund manager.

The higher the assets under management, the larger the market share of the total money markets funds in Kenya.

A big percentage of the total assets under management also signals the trust people have in the money market fund to grow and keep their money safe.

56 Billion out of 140 Billion: Amount of money Kenyans have invested with CIC Money Market Fund

Based on the latest Capital Market Authority Quarterly Statistical Bulletin available in August 2022, the best performing money market fund in Kenya by market share/AUM was the CIC Money Market Fund.

Kenyans trusted CIC MMF with Kshs 56.9 Billion out of a total of Kshs 140.7 Billion of the total assets under management as at August 2022. The fact that its custodian is Co-operative Bank (Tier 1), further ensures the safety of funds invested with CIC MMF.

That means 40.5% of all the money invested with MMFs in Kenya was under CIC Asset Management.

Top 5 Money Market Funds in Kenya by Assets Under Management (AUM)

The following are the top 5 Money Market Funds in Kenya by AUM in FY 2022/2023:

  1. CIC Money Market Fund
  2. NCBA Money Market Fund
  3. Britam Money Market Fund
  4. ICEA Money Market Fund
  5. Sanlam Money Market Fund
Infographic on the Top 3 Money Market Funds in Kenya by Assets Under Management
Top 3 Money Market Funds in Kenya by Assets Under Management

Financial Strength

While Assets Under Management can point to the financial strength of money markets funds in Kenya, I like to also look at the companies backing it.

If it’s backed by a multinational entity or Tier 1 Bank, that is a good indication of its financial strength.

It also means that the money market fund has a big reputation to protect. Therefore, it will aim to manage funds safely to avoid negative press.

Best Money Market Funds in Kenya by Financial Strength

Below is a list of some of the money markets funds in Kenya that are backed by a multinational entity or Tier 1 Bank in FY 2022/2023 :

  • CIC Money Market Fund
  • Sanlam Money Market Fund
  • NCBA Money Market Fund
  • UAP Old Mutual Money Market Fund

Customer service

This is subjective criteria to determine the best money market fund in Kenya unlike the two above.

However, it plays an important role in your experience and longevity with the money market Kenya options available to you.

Generally, most of my readers seem to be happy with the service they get from CIC Money Market Fund, Sanlam Money Market Fund, Zimele Money Market Fund and Genghis Capital.

Best Money Market Funds in Kenya by Customer Service

As of 14 August 2022, the following are the top 5 money market funds in Kenya by customer service:

  • Sanlam Money Market Fund
  • CIC Money Market Fund
  • Zimele Money Market Fund
  • Genghis Capital Money Market Fund
  • Nabo Africa Money Market Fund
Infographic on the Factors to determine the best money market fund in Kenya
Factors to determine the best money market fund

See this article on how to join Sanlam Money Market Fund within a day!

See this article on how to join CIC Money Market Fund within a day!

Process is fully online. This saves you time and keeps you safe as no need for physical visits.

It also allows you to open a money market account if you are outside of Kenya.

Money market fund interest rate

You will notice yield is the last factor to consider when choosing the best money market fund in Kenya.

I consider the 3 factors above better indicators of a good money market fund to invest in. This is because yield is the most vulnerable to manipulation.

It also, sadly speaks to one of our worst instincts when it comes to investing in Kenya. GREED

Some money market funds will resort to aggressive investment strategies so as to show high returns. This may work in the short term but it catches up with them in the long run.

That is how several unit trusts in Kenya lost client funds by investing in Nakumatt and Imperial Bank bonds that were offering crazy returns then!

Secondly, most new MMFs in Kenya will be the ones offering the highest returns. Some do this to attract new clients that are chasing yields.

However, they fizzle out after 2-5 years. What is important is to look at sustained long periods of offering relatively reasonable returns.

See section below on how to assess reasonability of Money Market Fund returns in Kenya.

That said, yields are still an important factor that most Kenyans consider before investing in a money market fund.

Best Money Market Funds in Kenya by Yield

Top 5 Money Market Funds in Kenya by Yield

In FY 2022/2023, the following are the top 5 Money Market Funds (MMFs) in Kenya by yield:

  1. Cytonn Money Market Fund – 10.60%
  2. Zimele Money Market Fund – 9.90%
  3. Sanlam Money Market Fund – 9.60%
  4. Apollo Money Market Fund – 9.40%
  5. Madison Money Market Fund – 9.30%

The above represent the Effective Annual Rates for the Top 5 money market funds in Kenya as at 14 August 2022.

See the full list of the latest money market fund interest rates below

Latest Money Market Fund interest rates in Kenya

Here is a list of the latest money market fund interest rates in Kenya:

RankFund ManagerEffective Annual Rate
1Cytonn Money Market Fund10.6%
2Zimele Money Market Fund9.9%
3Sanlam Money Market Fund9.6%
4Apollo Money Market Fund9.4%
5Madison Money Market Fund9.3%
6Nabo Africa Money Market Fund9.3%
7Old Mutual Money Market Fund9.2%
8Dry Associates Money Market Fund9.1%
9CIC Money Market Fund9.0%
10NCBA Money Market Fund9.0%
11Co-op Money Market Fund9.0%
12GenCap Hela Imara Money Market Fund8.9%
13ICEA Lion Money Market Fund8.6%
14Orient Kasha Money Market Fund8.4%
15AA Kenya Shillings Fund8.0%
16Britam Money Market Fund7.5%
Money Market Funds Kenya interest rates as published in August 2022 by Business Daily

Greatness! Now you definitely have the power to choose the best MMF for you!

Next, let’s learn why everyone you know should have one!

Reasons to invest with Money Market Funds

Money market funds are very popular as they are low risk investments that offer competitive and predictable returns compared to other investment options in Kenya.

Here is a summary of the top benefits of investing with Money Market Funds:

  • Compounding
  • Liquidity
  • Ease of investment
  • Preservation of capital

I will go over each in the section below.


Money market funds are one of the safest ways to grow your wealth in Kenya through the power of compound interest.

For example, both the Sanlam Money Market Fund and CIC Money Market Fund will calculate your interest daily and compound it monthly.

  • Here is a video tutorial on how to invest with Money Market Funds to earn compound interest in Kenya


One of the main advantages of Money Market Funds is their high liquidity. In Kenya, you can withdrawal your money market investment within a maximum of 3 days.

This makes money market funds a superior investment to Fixed deposits and Sacco deposits which offer similar or lower return but are harder to convert to cash.

Fixed deposits in Kenya are worse as they will charge you a penalty for withdrawing your funds early.

Due to their liquidity, they are great for creating emergency funds.

Ease of investment

You can start investing with money market fund Kenya for a very small amount of money.

For example, with the Sanlam Money Market Fund, you can start investing with a minimum of Kshs 2,500.

This gives you access to a professional fund manager and higher returns compared to bank savings account in Kenya, at very low starting capital.

Preservation of capital

Being low risk investments, most money market fund Kenya options offer the stability and security needed for you to sleep comfortably at night knowing your money is safe.

However, be careful of money markets funds that expose your hard-earned money to unnecessary risk. You can avoid such unit trusts by considering the key factors noted above.

Ultimately, with the right investment strategy, money market funds can be an important tool in your road to passive income.

Infographic on the benefits of Money Market Funds in Kenya
Infographic on the benefits of Money Market Funds (MMFs) in Kenya

Check this article as well on the…

Fantastic! Now you know what to tell them when they ask why an MMF account is needed!

Speaking of questions they might ask…

Are Money Market Funds Safe in Kenya?

Money Market Funds are relatively safe because they invest in short term and low risk investments. They are also regulated by the Capital Market Authority.

However, you can lose your cash in a money market fund that is mismanaged.

To further ensure the safety of your money market fund investment, you need to consider the trifecta of safeguards put in place by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya (CMA Kenya).

Any money market fund in Kenya is required to have the following service providers to ensure the safety of the underlying investments:

The first thing to do is to consider the factors discussed above for selecting the best money market funds in Kenya. That will help filter the list down so as to avoid decision fatigue.

You then want to assess the quality of the service providers remaining in your list after the first step.

You should look for Kenyan money market funds that are audited by Big 4 Firms.

Here is a list of the Big 4 audit firms in Kenya:

  1. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Kenya
  2. Deloitte
  3. KPMG
  4. EY

You also want to look at the financial strength of the custodian, who is the one who holds the assets of the money market fund.

Preferably, the money market fund should have a Tier 1 Bank as its custodian. This adds a further layer of security to your investment.

Thirdly, assess the track record of the fund’s Trustee and Fund Manager in the Kenyan Market.

You want to avoid fund managers or trustees that have been involved in unit trusts that have lost Kenyans money and or have poor historical returns.

Finally, go through the investment mandate of the money market fund.

Avoid MMFs in Kenya with very aggressive investment strategies that may offer relatively higher returns in the short term but risk your hard earned money in the long term.

Eventually, the chickens will come home to roost and any small yield gains wont be worth losing your investment.

There are several sad stories of Kenyans who have lost their investments due to chasing unsustainably high returns.

Comforting! Now you know what measures the regulators have put in place and how to pick the safest MMFs in Kenya…

Next, let’s arm you with tips on how to know if the returns of the MMF makes sense…

How to assess the reasonability of Money Market Fund returns

A large percentage of the pooled funds in Kenyan money market funds ends up invested in Central Bank of Kenya Treasury Bills (T-Bills).

Therefore, the 91-Day and the 364-Day T-Bill rates offer a good benchmark of the returns you SHOULD expect.

Consequently, the minimum GROSS return you should expect from your preferred money market fund is the 91-Day T-Bill rate.

In August 2022, the 91-Day Treasury Bill rate in Kenya is 8.47%

Similarly, the expected maximum GROSS return should be the 364-Day T Bill rate.

In August 2022, the 364-Day Treasury Bill rate in Kenya is 9.92%

You can adjust this rate by 0.1 so that, in the example above, your minimum expected rate would be about 8.57% and the maximum expected rate approximately 10.02%.

This is because Treasury bill rates also go up and down based on market forces.

Therefore, the adjusted minimum and maximum is appropriate so as to take into account these highs or lows.

If a Money Market Fund is offering a significantly higher return than the adjusted 364-Day T Bill rate. Where exactly are they investing your money? Are they exposing you to the risk of capital loss? Or to a risk of suboptimal returns in the future?

Nash Thuo

If a Money Market Fund is offering a return lower than the adjusted 91-Day T Bill rate. Are they letting you take losses for past mistakes? Is their investment strategy optimal?

Nash Thuo

Marvelous! By reading this far, you can honestly teach a class on MMFs in some uni out there…

Big pat on your back for the acquired knowledge.

And here is an awesome bot to help in your investment journey…

The Money Market Fund Calculator Kenya Bot

The Money Market Bot will provide the latest money market fund interest rates in Kenya.

It will also clarify if the published daily yield is before deduction of withholding tax (WHT) and management fees.

You can then use this information to calculate money market return using the Money Market Fund Kenya Bot!

Here is Part 1 of a video tutorial on how to calculate the real daily yield of Money Market Funds in Kenya.

Part 2 of the tutorial above also discusses how to adjust the daily money market fund yield for WHT.

Subscribe to the YouTube Channel for more video tutorials.

subscribers to the YouTube Channel

The Money Market Kenya bot also has the latest Sanlam MMF and CIC MMF forms.

It automates the process to ensure your money market account is created within a day!

Infographic on the benefits of the Money Market Fund Calculator Kenya Bot
Benefits of the Money Market Fund Kenya Bot

You can find more tips including the free Money Market Fund Bot in the Telegram Personal Finance Lessons Channel.

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10 Personal Finance Basics
10 Personal Finance Basics

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    Do you have any experience with the Britam Money Market fund? I need some solid advise on whether to invest with them.



    1. You can see my review of all the fund managers returns (including Britam Money Market Fund) here>>

      I did my research and can only recommend CIC (9.32%) and Sanlam (9.87%). Current interest rates are in brackets. If interested download the forms linked in the article above, complete, scan and send them to my email address ( I will then facilitate prompt creation of your account 🙂

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    1. I have sent you a personal response to your email 🙂

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    1. This is one of my planned future topics 🙂 Ensure you subscribe to the Youtube channel and join the Telegram group so you can be notified when I upload new material

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    1. Hi Pauline,

      You would earn about Ksh 698.09 net of everything per month. The amount earned will increase each month due to the power of compounding. As I said it not a get rich quick scheme.

  54. What’s the minimum cash you can deposit to start with

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Sanlam has the lowest minimum initial investment amount of Kes 2,500

      CIC minimum initial investment is Kes 5,000

      Have a good day and share the knowledge

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      They can also be a good source of passive income and if you have substantial savings, the interest can even cater for your expenses. Finally, as you said they are a great place to park excess funds and have them earn good returns rather than them gathering dust in your account begging to be spent on something you might regret later.

      I personally recommend CIC Money Market Fund and Sanlam Money Market Fund. Let me know if you need my help in opening an account with either of them. But I know my website and action plan should have you covered 😉

      Have a great day Jane and share the article widely so it can help similar people in your position 🙂

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    1. Hi I try to not comment on areas where I don’t have personal experience – and that’s why I can answer any question about SANLAM or CIC without batting an eyelid. However, in the post I have given you the tools to assess your preferred fund manager…if someone is offering higher than the 364 t-bill rate – you have the questions to ask as a skeptical investor – if someone is offering lower than the 91 day t-bill you also have the questions to practice skepticism.

      See the specific page of the article that deals with the factors to consider before investing in Money Market Funds in Kenya:
      Factors to consider before investing in Money Market Funds in Kenya

      See what can happen if things go wrong here:

      See what can happen if things go wrong here

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    1. Hi Irene,

      It is a common misconception that only the rich can invest in Money Market Funds in Kenya or that you need a lot of money to start. All which are wrong! Please share the article widely so as many Kenyans can be educated 🙂

      Thanks for the blessings and I hope you have now opened a Money Market Fund account

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    1. It is a powerful tool – the trick is to learn from hindsight where need be, so as to make better decisions going forward. And to also share the knowledge and lessons with others so as to help make the world a better place 🙂

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      Maureen, remember to share the article with your friends and networks so it can help as many people as possible 🙂

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