HEF Portal Login: Apply for HEF Scholarships and Loans via New Higher Education Financing Portal Kenya www.hef.co.ke

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu launched the Higher Education Financing portal in 2023.

It will allow students to apply for loans and bursaries via the HEF Portal.

Learn the exact steps to apply for higher education financing loans and scholarships (with SCREENSHOTS for each step!)

HEF Portal Login - Bursary, Scholarship and Loans Approved via New Higher Education Financing Portal www.hef.co.ke

Access the New Higher Education Financing – HEF Portal Login Page

Here is the login page for the new HEF portal.

Learn below how to register and activate the HEF account for a first-time applicant.

Higher Education Financing – HEF Portal Registration 2023

Here is a step-by-step guide to apply for government scholarships, bursaries and loans.

Total Time: 6 minutes

  1. Go to www.hef.co.ke portal

    Higher Education Financing Portal (HEF Portal)

    Visit the higher education financing – HEF portal via www.hef.co.ke

    Next, click on the PORTALS box highlighted in the image above.

    Otherwise, using the portal embedded above for quicker access and step-by-step guidance is easier.

  2. HEF Registration Process for Students

    HEF Portal Registration for students

    Click on User Registration then Applicant Registration

  3. Kenya National ID Number Option

    HEF Portal Registration without Kenya National ID

    Different questions will populate depending on whether you have a Kenyan National ID.

    Fill in the required details until the “Validate” button becomes active.

  4. Validate National ID Details

    HEF Portal Registration with Kenya National ID

    Assuming the applicant has a Kenyan or Foreign/ Alien ID card, they would fill in their details and click Validate.

    Look at the example filled in above.

  5. Enter Email Address and Password

    Enter Email Address and Password for your HEF account

    Next, you’ll see this page confirming your ID number was found!

    Enter your valid email address. l registered with my regular Gmail account.

    You’ll need to enter it again to confirm the email address.

    Next, enter a strong password that you can remember.

    Re-enter it to confirm the password for your new HEF account.

    Note: HEF passwords need to be alphanumeric. So avoid symbols such as stars (*) or exclamations (!) and so on.

    Finally, confirm you are human by completing the CAPTCHA challenge.

    If unclear, you can refresh for a new CAPTCHA.

    Once completed, click on the Register button.

    See the guidance below on how to activate your HEF account.


  • National ID number


  • PC
  • Phone
  • Online Browser

Materials: HEF Portal

HEF Registration completed

“Students who require funding must make formal applications for both scholarships and loans via the Higher Education Financing portal.”

said CS Machogu
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HEF Activation Link

Next, the user will receive their HEF activation email in their inbox.

HEF activation email

Mine was sent to my email inbox as per the screenshot above. 

Users who didn’t receive the link to activate in their inbox should check their spam folder for the activation link.

The email is meant to appear in your primary inbox. Therefore, click on “Looks safe” to avoid future HEF emails being marked as spam.

For first-time HEF login, you will be asked for a valid mobile phone number.

HEF Portal - Enter valid phone number

The HEF student portal will then send a verification code to the number.

Enter Verification code to complete HEF Portal Application

Enter the code to complete the HEF application process.

HEF Loan Application Requirements

Here are the requirements for Kenyans to apply for government-sponsored loans and bursaries via the HEF portal:

  • Passport size photo
  • Valid email address
  • Copy of your National ID
  • Parents’ National ID number
  • Parents’ registered mobile number
  • Death certificate (if parent is deceased)
  • Copy of the sponsorship letter (if applicable)
  • College or University admission letter
  • Your birth certificate
  • Mobile number registered in your name
  • KCPE index number and year of examination
  • KCSE index number and year of examination
  • Two Guarantors’ ID numbers and registered mobile numbers (can be your parents)

“I urge students to stick to the set timelines to ensure speedy processing of scholarships and loans since most Universities are preparing to admit first-year students in September 2023.”

CS Machogu said.
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New Funding Model (NFM) for scholarship and loans

The President of Kenya launched the New Funding Model (NFM) on 3rd May 2023.

NFM aims to ensure university and TVET students categorised as vulnerable access adequate education.

The New Funding Model portal for Higher Education Financing will provide government scholarships and loans, prioritizing vulnerable and extremely needy students.

“For the first time, students whose households are at the bottom of the pyramid shall enjoy equal opportunities in accessing university and TVET education through 100 percent government funding.”

says Education CS Ezekiel Machogu as he launches Higher Education Financing portal for students.

Key Players

Here are the key players in the New Funding Model in Kenya:

  • Parents
  • General public
  • Universities Fund Kenya
  • Higher Learning Institutions
  • Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)
  • State Department for Vocational and Technical Training
  • Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS)

“The government will now seek to channel higher education assistance directly to individual students based on carefully curated criteria.”

says Machogu as he unveils new portal


Financial support to students enrolled in universities and TVET institutions will be based on their level of need, assessed via the Means Testing Instrument (MTI), and categorised as follows:

  • Vulnerable and extremely needy – 100% of Government funding and receive upkeep from the loan.
  • Needy and less needy will get 93 % of Government funding
  • Students in private universities are not eligible

“I am pleased to announce that the Scholarships, Loans, and Bursaries application platform is ready for use.”

said Machogu when launching the new higher education portal for University and TVET students.
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HEF Application – Eligibility for new and continuing students

Continuing students will not be affected by the New Funding Model (NFM).

They will continue to receive their funding based on the existing model. That is, apply for loans through HELB.

Eligible Kenyan students under the New Funding Model include:

  • TVET students placed by KUCCPS in 2022, 2023, and beyond in Public TVET Colleges
  • Undergraduate Students placed by KUCCPS in 2022, 2023, and beyond in Public Universities
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How to Apply for HEF Loan and Government Scholarships?

Here are the exact steps to apply for the HEF loan and scholarship in Kenya:

  1. Go to www.hef.co.ke portal.
  2. Click on the PORTALS button.
  3. Click on User Registration, then Applicant Registration buttons.
  4. State whether you have an ID number or not.
  5. Based on 4 above, fill in the required details until the “Validate” button becomes active.
  6. Enter your valid email address and password and then click on Register button.
  7. Activate your HEF account via the link sent to your email address.
  8. Login to the HEF portal and apply for the loan, scholarship or bursary.

Why is the HEF Portal not working?

There were service outages in early August due to the high traffic to the portal.

The portal is now working well after the issue was resolved.

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