eCitizen: Gateway to All Government Services Online

You are going to learn how create an eCitizen account and access everything government in Kenya via a single sign-on account.

With a single username and password, you will be able to access government services online chapchap across various devices!

ecitizen gateway to all government services

How to create an eCitizen Kenya account

Below is step by step guidance on how to create an eCitizen account.

Total Time: 4 minutes

Go to the eCitizen portal

The official link to open the Kenya eCitizen website is

Here is the official link to access the eCitizen portal:

Click on Create an account button

Click on the create button so as to access

Next, click on the Create an account button which will take you to the below link:

eCitizen Registration portal

The various options to register in the eCitizen website Toggle navigation for the government services you want.

Next, you will see the above window.

Through this eCitizen gateway, foreign residents (non citizens) and Kenyan citizens can apply for various government services.

Toggle navigation for the government services you want.

Let’s explore each of the options below.

Option for Kenyan Citizens

The eCitizen portal option for a Republic of Kenya national to create an eCitizen account

If you are a Kenyan national, click on the option above to create your eCitizen account.

Please note that your first name and National ID card number is needed to register.
You will then be able to access online services such as:

– ecitizen passport application
– certificate of good conduct application
– driving licence renewal

Option for Foreign Residents

The eCitizen portal option for a Foreign resident (non citizens) to access Republic of Kenya government services

For foreign residents, the option above will enable them to apply and receive Kenyan government services online.

Option for Businesses

The eCitizen portal option for a Republic of Kenya registered business to access government services For example, application for business permit which you will receive in PDF format.

For Kenyan registered businesses, the option above will help them access everything government.

For example, application for business permit which you will receive in PDF format.

Option for eVisa Visitors

The eCitizen portal option for eVisa Visitors to get into the Republic of Kenya

Select the option above if you are a foreign national wanting to get into the Republic of Kenya.


  • Email address


  • Phone
  • PC

Materials: Kenya ID card

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eCitizen Portal Login

Next, I will click on the option for Republic of Kenya nationals and use it to explore the login process. See the login window below:

Creating eCitizen access for a Kenyan national

Here is a summary of the information required to complete the eCitizen registration form above:

  • ID Number – will be your username
  • First Name as per your ID card
  • Email Address
  • Mobile phone number
  • A strong password (you can change it later is you wish)

Make sure to review the details above before you submit them.

The good thing is the platform does validate the data entered. Therefore, you shouldn’t get any error if you are entering the correct information.

Every time the application above has progressed, you will receive an email and SMS notification.

Further, you will receive separate notifications to confirm your phone number and email address provided.

Make sure to log in and click on the link to verify your e-mail.

Verify email address on the eCitizen portal

Your mobile number will be confirmed via an SMS verification code which you need to enter in the box at the bottom of the application window below.

mobile number verification page on the eCitizen portal

Finally, upload your photo to complete the registration process.

Upload your Photo section of the eCitizen portal

You are done! In the future, you can access the login page via the link below:

Here is the link for the eCitizen account login page

Your ID number is your username

About eCitizen Kenya

eCitizen secures the rights to an open and digital way of delivering services to Kenyan citizens and other stakeholders.

The platform is set to work with mobile money services such as MPESA as well as electronic means to pay such as debit cards.

Do read about MPESA charges in Kenya before any making a mobile money transaction

You can pay for Government to Citizen (G2C) online services via eCitizen agents, mobile money, debit cards and or online banking offered by various local banks. You can also pay via PesaLink.

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One of the more popular eCitizen service offerings in Kenya is the NTSA TIMS account

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