6 Best Tips on How to use PayPal in Kenya

Most people wrongly assume that PayPal is just a tool for online transactions. However, there are a number of clever ways to use PayPal to do much more!

In this brief article, I will give you 6 best tips on how to use PayPal in Kenya.

Please note you can use any of the PayPal alternatives to achieve the same things.

How to use PayPal in Kenya

Here are little-known tips on how to use PayPal in Kenya including tips to grow your wealth with it!

6 Best Tips on How to use PayPal in Kenya

1. Earn Money in Kenya with PayPal

You could have made a 100.99% return just by having a PayPal Kenya account!

How to use PayPal in Kenya - USD to KES Historical Rate
PayPal in Kenya – USD to KES Historical Rate

The 2008 exchange rate was KES 58.53 to $1. If you had dollars and just left them in your PayPal accounts in Kenya, you would have made a 100.99% return based on the 2022 exchange rate of KES 117.64 to $1.

For example, Kshs 1 Million would have grown to Kshs 2 Million just by being saved in USD in a PayPal account!

Very few investments in Kenya can give you such a return for doing basically nothing!

The best bit is holding USD in your PayPal account is FREE! So you don’t need to open an expensive USD account with a bank in Kenya!

NB: Please note before you leave large balances in your PayPal account in Kenya, MAKE SURE you opened the account using accurate and verifiable details especially when it comes to the residential address. The last thing you want is for your PayPal account to be put on hold due to unverifiable information.

Here is a link to learn more on how to use your PayPal for basic personal finance management in Kenya.

2. PayPal is a safe way to do online transactions

Whether it is online shopping or paying for Netflix, use your PayPal balance rather than your debit or credit card.

PayPal offers an extra layer of security as you can use your PayPal email address to make online transactions without having to reveal debit or credit card information!

This keeps you safe in this era of cyber crime and hacking!

3. PayPal is a cheap way to send money

Sending money from one PayPal account to another is free!

That means you can bypass expensive middlemen and send money for free including internationally to other PayPal accounts.

PayPal is available in over 200 countries and regions of the world!

4. Get paid online

If you are a freelancer or someone who makes money online, then you need a PayPal account. PayPal is the default way to pay people for services offered online.

Even better you can withdraw your money from PayPal to MPESA and use it here in Kenya!

The reverse is also true! You can also do MPESA to PayPal top ups. Next time you are running low on funds in your PayPal account just transfer some money from your M-PESA.

Make sure to first check out the new MPESA charges below.

MPESA Charges for Withdrawals & Deposits

Learn about the New MPESA charges for sending or receiving money via phone, ATM or MPESA agent.

The guide includes a curated list of transactions that are FREE via MPESA!

5. Set up an Online shop

You can open a PayPal Business account and use it to run your online shop. A PayPal business account allows you to:

  • create invoices
  • run a merchant account that can accept credit card payments

6. Make Donations

PayPal allows you to make donations to your favorite charities. Now, you have another way to make an impact in the world!


There you go, 6 best tips on how to use PayPal in Kenya. Hope you found it insightful!

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to open a PayPal account in Kenya.

Have I missed a tip on how to use PayPal in Kenya? Let me know your secret tip in the comment section!

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