Personal Finance Kenya [10+ free lessons and templates]

Personal Finance Kenya content is rarely tailored to our market. It feels more like a repetition of American content. This frustrates Kenyans when it doesn’t work.

Even worse, there are a lot of personal finance courses in Kenya charging a lot of money for basic information! You should have been taught this in school and not pay for it as an adult! This is my small way to correct this and give back to my fellow Kenyans.

PS: The principles herein can be applied anywhere in the world. Some aspects will be unique for a Kenyan or someone in Africa. Different part of the world. Different challenges. Different opportunities. I will refer to Kenya though as it’s home.

Personal Finance Kenya: Lesson 0

Look forward to over 10 free lessons on how to manage your money in Kenya. Yes that’s right! These are comprehensive personal finance lessons at no cost to you!

Practical content that works in Kenya not content repeated from American books and media. Forget 401Ks and Roth IRAs. What about NSSF, chamas or Kenya NSE? I waited until I achieved financial freedom so as to start these lessons. Therefore, I can say these insights work in Kenya!

You’ll get access to templates I created through my financial freedom journey. So you won’t be starting from scratch and will be using something proven to work here in Kenya! So you might be asking. Why would someone be willing to give all that for free?

Reason for the free Personal Finance Kenya lessons

Hope the video explained why I chose to share these free lessons. That it also shows you how a small act of kindness can not only come back to help you but also those close to you. How it can inspire you to do something not only for yourself but society as a whole.

I’m hoping these lessons will save you valuable time so you don’t have to figure this out all by yourself. Neither, will you need to pay for the basics of personal financial management in Kenya. Take the money you would have paid and start your investment journey with a basic money market fund.

Since, you would have spent it either way, leave it to compound and then talk to me after 10+ years! Oh the things you’ll do with your pot of gold…

How to navigate the personal finance course

Personal Finance Kenya - How to navigate the lessons
Personal Finance Kenya – How to navigate the lessons

The lessons are crafted to offer more insights as you go deeper. Each next numbered page is designed to amaze you more than the last one! Think of each new page of the lessons as the guidance you need for the next step in your journey to financial freedom.

I will tag along to cheer you on and provide guidance. Leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback. I promise to answer every comment. Excited to see you in the next lesson. But first chew on some disclaimers.

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